Flux Night 2015: Dream
Curated by Nato Thompson
Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta GA
Saturday, October 3rd, 7:00pm – Midnight

Flux Projects, the Atlanta-based public art organization, is excited to present Flux Night 2015: Dream, a one-night event that will bring site-specific visual and performance art to Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward, Saturday October 3rd from 7:00pm until midnight.

This year’s Flux Night will be curated by Creative Time Chief Curator Nato Thompson. “There is something fascinating, compelling, and deeply urgent in the landscape of Old Fourth Ward,” says Thompson. “It is not only the historic birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. but this neighborhood speaks volumes about the potentialities and struggles throughout time at the confluence of urban space, race relations and dreams.”

Thompson has selected a diverse, provocative and accomplished group of local, national and international artists to create a collection of temporary public art projects for this year’s Flux Night audience. The line-up includes: Elissa Blount Moorhead (Baltimore, MD) + Rashida Bumbray (New York, NY) + Arthur Jafa (Tupelo, MS); Sheila Pree Bright (Atlanta, GA); Center for Tactical Magic (San Francisco, CA); Courtesy the Artists (New York, NY); Stephon Ferguson (Atlanta, GA); Chris Johnson (Oakland, CA) + Hank Willis Thomas (Brooklyn, NY) + Bayeté Ross Smith (Harlem, NY) + Kamal Sinclair (Los Angeles, CA); Jennifer Wen Ma (New York, NY & Beijing); Yoko Ono (Nutopia); Otabenga Jones & Associates (Houston, TX); Pedro Reyes (Mexico City); and Jessica Scott-Felder (Atlanta, GA).

“The artists this year have been commissioned to create works inspired by Dr. King’s dream, and they will be showing these in the very neighborhood where he was born, preached, and buried,” says Anne Dennington, executive director of Flux Projects. “This could only happen in Atlanta.”

While the historic neighborhood provides a unique context for this year’s audience to consider the artworks, Flux Night 2015 is not about the past, but rather an event inspired by one of the 20th century’s most germane leaders, whose call to action still rings true today. Indeed, given the current social and political climate in the US, Flux Night is, more than ever, art for now.

This fall join Flux Projects and Nato Thompson on Edgewood and Auburn Avenues, where art, technology and (a little bit of) magic will intersect, for one night only, to transform the historic Old Fourth Ward into Atlanta’s largest outdoor public art gallery.

Flux Night 2015: Dream, a night of fantasy and fact, past and future, questions, answers, reason and the imagination, Saturday October 3rd from sunset to midnight.