Space Race to Rescue

Available Dates: Multiple Dates

Age Group: PK-6

While reporting live, our science kid’s reporter, Kat, is kidnapped by aliens and trapped on a space ship bound for outer regions of our galaxy!  Audience volunteers must quickly form a Kid’s Mission Control Rescue Team and use math, logic, music and gaming to get her back.  
The only way to succeed is by communicating with the aliens through music created on a futuristic musical instrument called a laser harp.  Our kid’s Mission Control Rescue Team must solve mathematical equations to unravel celestial musical messages. Each message gives them clues about the Alien’s demands and how to rescue Kat.  Onstage giant video and holographic images track Kat’s amazing journey through our solar system and into the outer reaches of our galaxy.  Interactive games are used to help navigate our rescue team.  Audience members will explore the relationship between music, math and space travel.  This fast paced high energy show combines interactive 3D holograms, animation projected on a large screen, music played on a Laser Harp, and comedy theater.

 Curriculum Connections: STEAM Science