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Sean Driscoll Behind the Scenes

(How mathematics is used in creative fields such as animation, art, music & sound recording) 

Available Dates: Various 

Behind the scenes is a 50 minute assembly / workshop taking audience members through the complete process of creating a Story Ship interactive animated show from script, to stage, to screen. Starting with the initial story concept and script creation, students go through character design, voice over-acting, sound effects creation, animation movement, sound design and sound mastering. Participants also get the opportunity to try their hand at animating or moving a character on screen, recording their own voice-overs, manipulating puppets. This hands-on workshop is an excellent introduction to animation and show students how mathematics and science play an important role in the creation of animated shows.

Curriculum Connections: Character STEAM    

Grades 4-6  Price: $800

Produced by Theatreworks USA