Hobey Ford's World Tales

Available Dates: Multiple Dates

Age Group: PK-6

Winner of the UNIMA Citation for Excellence and three Jim Henson Foundation grants, Hobey Ford is
known for his excellence in puppetry performance and craft as well as his skill as a master storyteller. 
Hobey designs and constructs all of his Golden Rod puppets.  His performances present puppetry styles
and traditional tales from the United States and around the world. World Tales is a collection of stories
and puppetry techniques from around the world, including an Aesop fable, a Native American story and
an African story. The puppetry techniques include Bunraku from Japan, rod puppetry from Indonesia, and
Hobey’s own Foamies and Peepers puppets.  World Tales spins a web of tales with three classic bug stories from around the world. Hobey brings the Caldecott award winning art of Gail Haley to life with a two dimensional rod puppet rendition of Gail’s West African Anansi tale “A Story, A Story”. Follow the trickster Anansi the Spider Man as he wins “the golden box of stories”, the source of all storytelling.  Next, travel to ancient Greece for a hilarious up-to-date retelling of Aesop’s “The Ant and the Grasshopper”, told through colorful three dimensional rod puppets.  Closer to home, enter the Cherokee world of folklore with a thoughtful, yet humorous cautionary tale of fire called “Little Grandmother Spider-woman”, told with adapted Japanese Bunraku puppetry, where Hobey works in full view of the audience.  Hobey Ford combines fine storytelling with his masterfully crafted puppets.  During the show he takes time to explore and explain his unique process of puppet craftsmanship through the hilarious antics of “Chester the Dog”. The show comes to a finale with Hobey’s famous carved foam creatures, “The Foamies”.

Curriculum Connections:  Curriculum Connections: Literature, Theatre, Visual Arts, Science